Ironman Dream Was Weird But Informative

Mount Lemmon

This was the hill I was running up in my dream. I was running down a bike in the fog. Dream on old man! Photo by FitOldDog, several years ago.

Do you feel your age some days? Well stop that, BAD DOG!


The iliacus hip flexor is pretty important in running and cycling, but you can spare it if you follow the advice of Jack Heggie!

I’m finally getting past my subluxated hip, putting all those soft tissues back into line, especially my left hip flexor (iliacus), and starting to sign up for races, which may account for my weird Ironman dream last night.

“I’m in an Ironman race, no idea where, and I’m running up a hill (about a 7% grade, which there is no way I could do), and I am running down another runner, in the fog, but they turned into a cyclist as I approached them. I never could quite catch him/her. I stayed on their wheel for about half a mile, and reached the top of the hill, which was now in bright sunshine, but I was somehow on my bike. As I prepared for the oncoming hill descent, I noticed that there were a lot of race officials around, and then I realized, to my disappointment, that I had forgotten my critical bike gear, helmet and race number, so I was disqualified on the spot. I rode back down the hill, the way I had come, and got completely lost in the town, no idea which town, and the dream faded away.”

What does that mean to me, the dreamer?

Time to sign up for an Ironman race in 2015.

Time to make a serious training plan, or get a coach.

I still love Ironman (most important of all!).



  1. But didn’t something similar actually happen to you not too long ago, that you were sent the wrong way or something in an Ironman, or told the wrong time?

    • That played a role, I’m sure. I was pulled off of the run 4 min before the actual cutoff time at mile 18, in Maryland Ironman, but it was probably a blessing in disguise. All these things are part of the subconscious soup.

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