Ironman Training Diary From July 30th 2014

Hi Folks!

Previous posts for my Ironman training, as I recover (again) from aortic surgery, are available under the home tab of this blog.

August 3rd– 4-mile run/walk with friends, and my running is coming back. Afternoon bike trainer ride, 2x{(second loop wattage) 45 min x 80 (90) watts, 10 min x 160 (170) watts, 5 min x 50 watts loosen} 5 min x 100 watts cool down.

August 2nd– 3,000 yard steady, continuous swim with pull buoy (wet suit simulation).

August 1st– 5-mile run/walk with Willbe, our yellow lab, then 1 hour on the CompuTrainer bike, 45 min x 80 watts spin, 10 min x 160 watts low cadence (hill climb simulation), and 5 min x 50 watts cool down.

July 31st Easy 2-mile run, then ease back into the bike, with 25 min x 80 watts and 5 min x 160 watts.

July 30th, 2014 – easy day, 2-mile run, followed by 30 minute roller and stretch session and an easy 2,000 yard swim. Tested my GoPro in the pool, and it works really well. You think that fixing plantar fasciitis is tough, try following the instructions for a GoPro camera.

It’s going to take me a while to get back in Ironman shape, as surgery sure knocks you back – did me, anyway. For the story of my surgery, you can read it in one of my newsletters at this link.


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