Is Body Awareness And Movement Training A Viable Information Niche Product?

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FitOldDog’s video store, suffering from the Gasserian Ganglion Problem.

Gasserian ganglion

The Gasserian or trigeminal nerve ganglion. Click image for source document.

I’m having a great time, but limited success (which is normal at this stage), marketing the results of our research on plantar fasciitis treatments, but this is probably because my real focus is on body awareness and movement training, a much more important topic for most of us wanting to stay active into old age.

This is certainly an area where value can be added to people’s lives, as they work to hold their bodies together, overcoming bad days (had one yesterday), and moving on, to enjoy good days. Each time you encounter a real challenge, take a deep breath, get over your panic, and think to yourself,

“OK! How could I have done a better job?”

For instance, yesterday I had a planned 7-mile run, which I made to about mile 0.5, when my left glut tightened up, forcing me to stop and abandon my running companions (who came back to check on me, which was nice of them), and there was nothing I could do. First thought in the mind of someone with aortic disease is, “Maybe I have a blood flow problem. Maybe it was claudication, the death nell of my Ironman training.” All I need to know I learned from my catLater that day, as I was going over the situation, I realized that I’d come (briefly) to the same dramatic conclusion, only three weeks previously, in response to a tight calf in the other leg.

“OK! How could I have done a better job?”

Time to think, and think I did, and realized that I had failed to follow Joe Friel’s advice, to pay attention to quality nutrition and sleep, both of which are needed for good recovery, and recovery takes longer as you age.

Here I am trying to purvey body awareness, whilst ignoring the basics, which also applies to my nascent business interest.

FitOldDog's cat in basket

Hey! Can’t I sleep in peace?” Cat is a real athlete, and he knows the value of sleep and good food! Photo by Deb.

As I searched the Internet for thoughts on niche selection, it became clear that, (1) we have a good product idea about which we are passionate, information on body awareness and movement training, especially as my co-author, Rebecca, is a movement expert, (2) the work is based on personal experience of the power of such training, as exemplified in the story of the value of Feldenkrais for fixing a knee problem, but (3) I lack the basic experience needed to find a viable, as opposed to a valuable, product niche market.

This reminded me of my early days as a young researcher, when I became all excited about what I thought was a previously unreported cancer in the head of a sheep (I was a neophyte diagnostic sheep pathologist at the time), which turned out to be a displaced Gasserian (trigeminal) ganglion – oops!

Within 10 years, however, I’d become a competent diagnostic and research pathologist, so why not an online marketer of body awareness and movement training information?

Watch this space, but don’t hold your breath.

Back to studying niche detection systems, which makes a change from sheep, whereas counting sheep is another story!


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