It Seems To Help To Keep Your Head Up High For Endurance Running


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This jetty at the end of my running loop in Hawaii was covered in little black crabs, and it came with a beautiful view of the bay at Kailua.

I must admit that I find running challenging to say the least, especially long runs such as my coach proscribed 16-miler in the Hawaii heat yesterday afternoon. As I approach taper for the Lake Placid Ironman, my workouts become increasingly long, but this year I feel stronger than in 2011, so we’ll see what we get. The thing about Ironman races is that you can hope for whatever you like, but you get what you get on the day. This long run was near the beach in Kailua, Hawaii, and the loop I chose ended at a small jetty, where I was greeted by many small black crabs. Funny creatures, crabs, a bit like spiders, but unlike spiders they seem to go in packs, and apparently they exhibit behaviors seen in human populations when one individual tries to go it alone.

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Some great tips on running form in the best and most condensed format that I could find. Found via Runners World.

Thinking of going it alone, endurance training is all about going it alone much of the time, which gives you time to think or not think as you see fit. I always like to have a technique focus for my runs, which I visit intermittently during the workout, but much of the time I just cruise along. My focus on this run was posture, and especially my head, which tends to jut forward when left to its own devices. I counter this tendency by following my posture lessons, from Rebecca, which encourage a more upright stance.  For me this involves lifting my clavicles through the use of an imaginary white sail that is attached to them and pulls me along and up, making my posture more upright combined with a sense of being light on my feet. Sure helped me to complete this challenging workout in beautiful Hawaii.

Creative visualization is a valuable training tool when you are sweating it out on a long workout in the heat.

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