A Kafkaesk Business Day But PowerCranks And A Run Put Everything Right


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Hi folks,

FitOldDog's logoI feel more and more like Joseph K, as I’m forced to deal with the Carrboro Town Hall staff in our attempts to rescue our little grocery store, Johnny’s, from external forces that attack us using a potentially fatal mixture of malign attention and benign neglect. Think of this. During a two-hour meeting at the Carrboro Town Hall, most of the local business developers protested to the town staff about the slow, capricious nature of the permit process. The only action to come out of the meeting was that the town staff agreed to send out minutes of the meeting with one month. ONE MONTH. Don’t they see the irony in this? Probably not!

Power Cranks are a great training tool, especially for running.

Power Cranks installed on my trainer bike with Speed Play pedals. Power Cranks are tougher to use than you might think, but they sure improve your run.

So I left that meeting sure that nothing would change, which had me concerned for the future of small businesses in our little town. Then I had my planned workout: 30 minutes of Power Cranks working up to 180 Watts and 80+ cadence (not easy on these beasts), followed by a 3-mile run as a brick (straight off of the trainer). I had a great time, and the Carrboro Town Hall was all forgotten. This is what my program of safe exercise for better health is all about – better mental health.

Remember, when the going gets tough the tough get going.

-k @FitOldDog


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