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Face the traffic and get out of the way of cyclists during your evening runs.

If your races are on the roads then you will need to train on the roads as race time approaches. I recommend that you face the oncoming traffic, and be ready to get out of their way at all times, and give priority to cyclists when running in their lane. As cyclists approach I always run into the middle of the traffic lane if no traffic is coming in either direction, or I climb up onto the sidewalk or grass until the bikes have gone by. You will find that most cyclists really appreciate this, as it avoids their having to risk being hit by a vehicle from behind whilst going around you – remember, you are in their lane and you can see traffic approaching the cyclists from behind them.

Furthermore, never run on concrete if it can be avoided, as asphalt is much easier on your body. I have also found that running a little faster is less stressful on my body than plodding, but it takes a little more mental effort. As dusk approaches, it’s a good idea to wear a light and of course always carry some form of identification.

Some of those evening runs can be great, like tonight.

-k @FitOldDog



  1. Walking on country lanes and roads the recommendation in the official “Highway Code” is that you walk facing the oncomming traffic. We drive on the left here so pedestrians and runners generally use the right. Some of our rural roads are so narrow, just the one track with passing places that this is not relevant but the general rule seems to keep pedestrians safe most of the time.

  2. Hi Trevor, yep, that’s what I do, face the oncoming traffic, which includes the bikes who flow with the traffic. -kevin

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