Keeping An Old Body Or An Old Truck Moving Is Pretty Much The Same

Truck stuck again smaller file

Here’s my old truck, stuck again. Broken emergency brake release cable.

Hi folks! Welcome to my thought for the day!

Exercise or training strain? Stop, study, solve, fix it, then back on the trails again.

Release just pulled away, leaving my emergency brake stuck - going nowhere. Just like shin splints!

Release just pulled away, leaving my emergency brake stuck – going nowhere. Just like shin splints or ITBS for a runner!

Every year I drive my old Chevy truck up to Lake Placid for the Ironman race, using a small town car here much of the time, and I really love that truck. We’ve had lots of adventures, cooking along the way, but it keeps breaking down as it gets older (and so do I). There are 330,000 miles on the clock. So, each time it has a problem my approach is to, (a) study the issue, (b) decide if I can fix it, or should I call for more skilled assistance, and (c) fix it and get her moving again with ingenuity or $$$$. My body is the same. If I sense a problem, I, (a) study the problem, (b) decide if I can fix it, or (c) whether I need a doctor, physical therapist, or movement specialist to help, and I get it moving again. There are 70 years on my clock, and I’ve no idea how many miles.

This one I could fix myself!

This one I could fix myself!

This time my emergency brake lever broke away in my hand. Not going anywhere! Off I went to find a flashlight. I studied the brake release mechanism. Looked for any places I might pinch a finger or worse if I managed to operate the release, and carefully replaced the cable with my finger. Hey! Presto! Problem fixed, and back on the road again.

Remember! When you strain yourself exercising, follow my routine and the chances are it won’t develop into an injury or an expensive visit to an expert.

Stop, study, think, fix, and back on the trails again!

 -k @FitOldDog



  1. Very true. I’ve analyzed my achey back & hip problem to the leather sofa I’ve had for 10 years. It’s lost its ability to properly support the body. I have determined I can’t fix it myself, nor is it worth having it fixed, so it will get sold and something else brought in to replace it!

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