Knee Pain, Runner’s Bane: Beware The Canyons Of Your Mind!

Prevent Knee Pain, ASAP!

Two images, same cause!

knee pain; bone on bone, due to impact stress

Bone on bone, due to gradual wear of cartilage, generally as a result of heel striking, in runners. One grain of cartilage at a time.  Image link!

knee pain: Grand Canyon metaphor.

Years of wear by the Colorado trickle, then a stream, then a torrent, sculpted the Grand Canyon, one grain of rock at a time. Image link.

“Neurons that wire together, fire together!” Donald Hebb, 1949

Knee pain: Best defense against sports injury is your mind

It’s also the best defense against the ravages of aging!

Knee pain is the commonest problem I encounter, when asked for advice on living the life of an older athlete.

Habits sculpt our minds, and consequently our bodies!

To change your body, you have first to change your mind.

It took three knee surgeries, two due to running, before I changed my mind, and started over. Mastering a low-impact running style, with the help of Danny Dreyer, I qualified for the Boston Marathon. Two years after the last knee surgery.

My only qualification to give running advice!

You have to change your mind, to change your body.

It’s easier said than done, but it can be done!

If this ol’ fart can do it, surely you can!


knee pain: Prints in sand pit by FitOldDog

Sandpit impressions by FitOldDog – (A) heel strike, (B) push off from toe, (C) pronation, (D) close to OK. Photos by FitOldDog

THINK (beware the canyons of your mind!!!)



If you didn’t leave it too late!

Oh! Yes! Change your shoes, too! Modern running shoes encourage heel striking.

If in doubt, do the sandpit test!

Wishing you happy trails,



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