Listen To The Language Of Your Body, If You Don’t Want To Break Your Aorta!

Language Of Your Body?

Learn from the animals!

Which animal do you want to move like?

Such imagery can help your training.

Think about it, why does this work so well for Geneva?

What is happening mechanically in her musculoskeletal machinery?

It’s subtle – she is escaping the mental pull of the bench!

There are many ways to move your body, some effective, some less so. Listening to the language of your body is a critical skill, especially as you age, and especiallier (made up word!) if you have a serious mechanical challenge, such as aortic disease.

Faced with a perplexing problem, the other day, moving a 66 kg (145 lbs – almost my body weight) wood stove from the car, to the garden shed (now a tiny house). Having an aortic stent, it is inadvisable to dead lift more than 20 lbs.

Language of your body!

Moving our old piano came to mind!

MOVE #1: About 40 years ago, we had an upright piano. Cast iron frame, and excessively heavy. We had to move from Barnstaple to Wellington, Somerset, England. Three young burly guys turn up. They look at the piano. Try to lift it. They scratch their heads. They heave. They struggle. They scratch the hell out of the piano, as they lug it into their truck. They were red in the face. And they were big guys.

language of your body movers dolly

MOVE #2: Ten years later, we have to move the piano again, from Somerset to Scotland. Two old guys turn up. They’re not even big old guys. They are chattering away, as they carry a small dolly into the house. We thought, “There’s no way these guys are going to move that piano!” WRONG! That piano floated down the hall, out of the house, up and down steps, into the van, back out at the other end, and same thing. The piano floated along, as these happy guys chatted away, without a care in the world.

I remember thinking, “There’s a big lesson here, in this piano moving game.”

It came to mind as I faced that wood stove. I listened to my body. Moved an old door (not dead lift!!) to the back of the car. Remembered Geneva. Remembered those old guys and the piano.

What happened

Was it magic?

language of your body Wingardium Leviosa

I did try Windgardium LeveoSA, without any luck.

Didn’t even break a sweat.

That 145 lb wood stove floated into my tiny house.

Never once exceeded 10-20 lb. dead lift.

Think about it, but feel the language of your body!


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