Lessons From The 2014 Mont-Tremblant Ironman – Too Tough For Old Guys?

2014 Mont-Tremblant Ironman results 70-74 age-group

Interesting Ironman race in Mont-Tremblant last weekend, and we had great fun camping, which was also much less expensive than the big hotels at the Ski center.

Deb at a great campsite on our way home from the 2014 Mont-Tremblant Ironman

Camping at Ironman races is both great fun and cost effective.

The soporific rain on our tent sure helped me to sleep; 11 hours night -1, and 7 hours night before the race – best pre-race sleeps ever.

What an outcome for our age-group, 6/7 didn’t make it, even my hero, Howard Glass, though he’d been sick, so no surprises there.

I didn’t make the bike cutoff by about 10 minutes, but that was no big news, given the state of my post-aortic surgery recovery. I was followed by a nice guy, Bart, on the motorbike for the last 20 miles, as they packed up the bike course behind me. Haven’t had that experience for years, but the crowd of supporters and race staff/volunteers were very enthusiastic, as they cheered me into the bike finish. In fact, having problems on the bike or run was option one in my race strategy (see the postscript), as I work to finally remove the kinks in my right leg (tight calf – 95% fixed) and left leg (plantar fasciitis – 99% fixed, so right on track using the FitOldDog’s Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis).

I’ve created a short video about the race, for those interested in the details.

The real trick is to be prepared for all eventualities out there during endurance races, and see the positive aspects of any race.

Happy Trails,

Kevin aka FitOldDog



  1. I love the video!! Very well done. Why am I surprised that you have a NC accent instead of an English one?

  2. Nice video Kevin. Your friend flies a nice drone, a DJI phantom I think. Three or four times more expensive than the kind I have.

    • Hi Rory, let’s get a coffee soon, and maybe a bike ride. I’m training for Maryland, and it seems to be going fine. Look forward to our coffee! Cheers, Kevin PS It did look like a pretty fancy drone, and it carried a GoPro with some kind of telephoto lens.

  3. well first of all you should have been D/Q for having camera on bike. Read the rules next time.

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