The Natural Cycles Of Life Go By And The Kids Grow Up Much Too Fast So Don’t Miss It


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Life is brief, the kids grow up too fast, so don't miss it.

Life is brief and kids grow up too fast, so don't miss it. Jess gassing up her car, and she was a kid only the other day.

I was standing in our driveway the other day as Jess (17) was driving off to somewhere, and I thought, “Boy, she was just a kid the other day, and now she’s independent [well, almost], and driving her own car.” I have watched three batches of kids grow up, including my own three sons, and when they leave home it is always a surprise, and you can’t believe it’s over. The funny thing is that after a couple of years of empty nest sadness, and as long as the kids are doing well, there comes a sense of peace as you take your own life back again. This is one of the natural cycles of life, raising young and letting them go.

Earthrise from the moon. Apollo 8. From:

Earthrise from the moon. Apollo 8. From:


Life goes in cycles, and the trick is to be aware of them and embrace each new phase as it comes along, because come along it will. This is certainly true of training or exercising for better health. There are periods of harder training and times when you need to back off and recover. My coach has me on a three-week cycle, which seems to work, but I wonder if a monthly training cycle, coordinated with the moon, might be more effective. I’ll have to research that one, unless someone out there has the answer?


Jess is a great runner, and I’ll miss her when she goes off to college, just like I did my own kids.

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