I Love My Custom Bike!

FitOldDog's bike tee-shirt

Yep! I love my bike. Selfie by FitOldDog.

We always love our kids, whether we like their behavior or not. I’ll never forget my number two son saying, “I love my bike!” when he was but just a kid. It wasn’t a custom bike, I hasten to add. That stuck with me, and now I love my bike.

It is really important to appreciate your gear and never take it for granted, which is surely true of a custom bike. What amazing technology! You can travel a 100 miles with essentially minimal effort – the real work was done by the road crews who made the road.

That said, there is no real substitute for a custom bike (mine was created, or should I say crafted, by Victor, of Bicycle Lab). I don’t know if you are familiar with the concept of the disappearing bike, but that is how a custom bike feels, IF you combine it with 1,000s of miles of riding. It takes a while, but what a blast.

Racking the bike at Mont-Tremblant

For me there are two real highs when preparing for an Ironman race, those being, (1) finally turning in my bags and the bike to the transition areas, and (2) getting my butt off of that saddle at the end of the bike ride.

But when it comes to turning in my bike, it is always associated with a sense of separation.

What’s my problem?





  1. Where’s the picture of the new bike?!

    • Hi Marsha, it’s in the linked video – decided not to make it a full movie, so I just linked it in. It’s on the bike rack. Thinking about my fall garden, which will be limited as the ground is still being prepared. -kev

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