Story Of True Love Of Ironman Triathlon, Which Saved FitOldDog’s Life In 2010

Love of Ironman Triathlon

love of the ironman

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Why for love of Ironman Triathlon?

Because Ironman saved FitOldDog’s life in 2010.

I was reviewing the heel pain book, above, prior to creating the paperback. You’d think it would be a grind. It describes the research journey of Tom, and his struggles with the heel pain that medical professionals incorrectly call plantar fasciitis.

Love of the Ironman

So many people on this journey, including fellow athletes who share the pain of training.

Epiphany: I realized that I was enjoying the book. Not because it solves the problem of ‘runner’s heel pain.’ It is really a story of true love. True love of Ironman Triathlon. It describes a ten year struggle to complete an Ironman in Tom’s 60s and beyond.

There are villains: knee pain, heel pain, aortic disease, training injuries, bonking, inept medical professionals.

There are heroes: Karen’s Feldenkrais skills, triathlon coaches, fellow athletes, bike builders, swim instructors, highly skilled medical professionals, support crews, fellow age-groupers, fellow aortic athletes, like Pauline, and all those staff and volunteers who organize and make Ironman happen.

How could one review one’s own book, for the nth time, and find it exciting?

It’s a story of true love

love of ironman triathlon

True love of Ironman Triathlon

It’s a story about remarkable people that Tom encountered on his journey to Lake Placid in 2010, and more importantly, 2011.

love of Ironman triathlon

My four body movement teachers, from whom I learned so much, and still do. Karen, Mr. Bones, Rebecca and Tara.

Here’s a recent review of the book that revealed the true nature of this story, that I hadn’t realized before.

August 10, 2018

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Wishing you happy trails,

kev aka FitOldDog

PS Wish me luck in Cozumel, claudication and all.

love of ironman triathlon


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