What Do Lysenko And The Low Fat Diet Fad Have In Common? They Both Killed Millions!

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Article found in the bathroom of the great Cleveland, OH, restaurant, Nite Life. It was published in 1965.

Article found in the bathroom of the great Cleveland, OH, restaurant, Nighttown. It was published in 1965.

As a severe genetic hyperlipemic (resting HDL <20, LDL >2000, plasma like cream, when I discovered it in 1976 BAD), who doesn’t want to use muscle toxins, such as statins, I increased my HDL to 41 with fish oil and Ironman training, and then I added the Paleo diet 8 months ago and my HDL went to 79, with other parameters in the normal range (GOOD) – you are what you eat, so be careful to whom you listen.

In large part, as a result of Stalin promoting the crazy ideas of Trofim Lysenko, Russia went from being the bread basket of Europe to a region of severe famine and wheat importation. Lysenko’s ideas, based on a misguided understanding of Biology, played a major role in Russian agricultural policy at the time.

Sweden Becomes First Western Nation to Reject Low-fat Diet Dogma in Favor of Low-carb High-fat Nutrition.

Sweden Becomes First Western Nation to Reject Low-fat Diet Dogma in Favor of Low-carb High-fat Nutrition.

For instance, Lysenko said, “There is no such thing as genetics. He had MILLIONS of peasants planting summer wheat in winter time, in RUSSIA, because the wheat would LEARN to be winter wheat.

Now go to your grocery store and look for regular, whole-milk yoghurt – best I can find without hunting is low fat or no fat, so I leave it where I find it. It would appear that this low-fat craze, based on a misguided understanding of Biology, is fattening up the Western World to the point of an ‘obesity epidemic.’

Wake up America!!!!

Listen to the Swedes, my friends.

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  1. I buy Greek yoghourt; it has cream in it.

  2. I’m not going to match nutrition/dietary wits with you. I trust the doctors that have been reversing heart disease etc for a few decades. Oh what the heck, low-fat diets aren’t killing millions. Fat food (high bad fats, sugars, chemicals) are killing people. You have found something that is working for you. Here is my plantar fasciitis story. About 8 years ago, I decided to climb a moderately-sized sand dune at the beach. Immediately I felt a sharp pain in my heel. I tried many things to make it go away, but not until I was at a physical therapist for a hip problem did I learn the foot exercises to do to stretch & strengthen my foot. That helped, but the pain lingered. I got shoe inserts to support the arch, so-so relief. Months of this plus using a ‘sling’ to keep the foot flexed at night, finally the pain subsided. I never walk barefoot on the beach anymore.

    • Hi Marsha,

      On one side I have you.
      On the other side I have my rabidly pro-low carb son, Nick.

      Me, I’m watching the debate, and tend towards a preference for ketogenic, with respect to my understanding of human evolution and the rate of change of the human genomes.

      Love your frustration. Wrote this one ages ago, but it’s still relevant. The battle rages on, as I hear arguments from both sides. I’m a hyperlipidemic, so maybe I’m different. How does one eat a low carb/high fat diet on non-animal products, I wonder. I can only consume so many avocados and nuts. And I love eggs. This is fascinating, and it is really a Biochemistry issue, linked to modification of societal memes.

      Can I use your plantar fasciitis story, as I pursue my research? Your case seems to be one of simple physical strain, so I will categorize it with that group. Would you agree?



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