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Hi folks,

My great brother, Trevor, who I am only just getting to know (through my blog, of all things). I wasn't listening!

I’m working on setting up a business for the first time in my life. It is registered as Old Dogs in Training LLC and will be based on my sports training experience, amongst other things. During a recent conversation related to @BillVick‘s video, I received this advice from my brother, Trevor, which sounds logical to me, except I do like to be rational. Here is what Trevor said:

“Finally, do not be ‘rational’. The very essence of an entrepreneur is irrationality. You are seeking to supply something not already supplied. Managers are rational, entrepreneurs are inspirational. Even if the inspiration only arrives at a slow plod. Entrepreneurs grow a new business, managers administer it as it ages and dies.”

Maybe this explains why I was frequently in conflict with managers during my research career (shades of Arrowsmith).

Anyone out there got thoughts on Trevor’s thoughts?

-k Your Medical Mind



  1. Thanks for the input, Mikey. I have plenty to learn, but I am enjoying the process. Cheers, Kevin

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