Everything In Moderation Including Moderation


Hi folks,

A truly lovely rose wine

A truly enjoyable Rosé that I bought at Johnny’s in Carrboro the other day, that made me think of springtime in the vegetable and fruit garden (specifically raspberry canes).

Remember as you become involved in training that you can become so focused, so dedicated, so ‘obsessed,’ that you forget to have fun. So enjoy a drink, or whatever you like, from time to time, but just don’t go crazy. That said, it is important to go crazy (safely) from time to time or you are being dedicated, focused and obsessed about your moderation!

A program of safe exercise for better health should remember to include a little craziness occasionally, except perhaps if you are in the early stages of recovering from abdominal aortic surgery, when focus and discipline are really important. Though keep this discipline as light hearted as you can, it is the healthier way to go.

Life is paradoxical!

-k @FitOldDog



  1. “Moderation in all things” is the core of the guiding philosophy of St Benedict. Welcome to the Abbey Brother Kevin.

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