I Love My Old Chevy Truck, She’s A Metaphor For My Life!

I Do Love My Old Chevy Truck!

It’s another love story!

my old truck a metaphor for life

In fact, I cathect my old Chevy Truck!

I wasn’t raised in a throwaway society!

Definition of cathect

  1. transitive verb

  2. To invest with mental or emotional energy

my old truck

This solar panel will power my tiny house/office, reducing the need to travel in my old Chevy truck.

People say I should get rid of my old Chevy truck. But I love my old truck. If you have to drive a Prius 46,000 miles before you balance the manufacturing carbon footprint with the carbon pollution saved, should I keep my old truck?

I think so, IF I:

  1. Drive it as little as possible, to get compost and such – I love homegrown vegetables.
  2. Maintain it well for optimal engine functionhow do you think it reached 385, 354.5 miles.
  3. Don’t buy a new Prius, toono problem, as I can’t afford a new Prius.
  4. Drive our small car as much as possiblesure is great filling that gas tank.
  5. Counteract engine inefficiency, by saving energy elsewhere – solar cells arrived yesterday.

We are a team, my old Chevy truck and I, with similar issues:

my old truck

See! My old Chevy truck and I have similar issues, going clockwise from the top: (1) Fond memories, (2) adaptation to broken parts, (3) we both have new engines (mitochondrial mass from training, in my case), (4) we ride on Ironman tires, (5) we suck it up, when parts can’t be fixed, (6) we tough out aging decay, using exercise and diet (a sledge hammer in the case of my Chevy truck), and we both have nearly 400, 000 miles on the clock.

That’s why I love my old Chevy truck.

She’s an old friend, and neither of us is ready for the scrap heap.


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