Never Give Up: FitOldDog’s Run Is Really Back, After Three Years!

Never Give Up!

Remember Robert the Bruce!

Pauline and FitOldDog, with their support crew, Pauline's husband, Bob, Rick, and his delightful dog, Silver. Thanks, guys.

It takes a village to raise a FitOldDog. Rick, top right, gave me some critical advice. Rick rescued my run! Pauline and Bob, were with us in Maryland, a couple of years ago, where I was trounced by Pauline – let’s see if I can do a little better, now! Training really begins. Thanks, Rick.

When I say my run is back, it’s true. I know it!

The final piece of advice came from Rick, of Ironman Dreams, and my swim mentor.

never give up. FitOldDog's run is back.

I missed the awards, bummer! Usually I stay, but I wanted a cup of coffee, so I missed it! Now to bring up my pace and distance, but not at the same time!

After my last terrible recent triathlon, where I just couldn’t run, Rick said, “Try increasing your mileage on the bike. If you have strong legs, it may help your run.”

As a young child in England, I remember my mother telling me this inspiring story of Robert the Bruce - don't give up, try try and try again. From:

As a young child in England, I remember my mother telling me this inspiring story of Robert the Bruce – don’t give up. Try try and try again.

Remember, my running has been hopeless, since that bike wreck in 2013, in Las Vegas. Hip realignment, dry needling, the works. Rolling, stretching, everything I could think of to bring my running up to speed.

Today I managed to run the local Four on the Fourth, race. Placing 3rd in my age group, but maybe there were only 3. Average pace of 12:13. What’s so great about that, you real runners will say.

That’s not the point!

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve ridden the bike, or the CompuTrainer, pretty well every day. Lots of short runs. No swims, due to having a mass removed from my leg; it’s still healing. Yesterday evening, I gently ran the four-mile course, in minimal shoes (Nike Frees). Today, I ran the race in Brooks, but will dump them soon. Not enough toe box.

The run: Slow warmup, walked for 30 seconds at each mile marker, and ran the rest. Slowly picking up my pace, towards 10-min pace by the end. No stopping to stretch my right hamstring. No sore feet (I had on my SmartWool socks, vegan or no vegan). Sprinted to the finish, feeling good.

Now to train for Louisville. It is a liberating feeling, to finally feel that you’ve escaped an injury, even if it did take three years.

Happy Trails.




  1. James Kehoe says

    I ran 1 1/2 mile 4th of July Race today. That is the longest I have run (and my first race) since my AAA ruptured two years ago. For a guy who qualified and ran in the Boston Marathon, it was humbling to get blown away by my 5 year old grandson Marty. But it did feel wonderful to run.

    • Hi James! You’re out there. Congrats. What kind of repair did you have. Open, I guess? I was passed by kids and out of shape younger people, and I ran Boston in 2009, but I’m not dead. Well done! You can tell your story here, if you like. People need inspiration from role models, such as yourself. Kind regards, kev

      • James Kehoe says

        Hi Kevin, I had an EVAR surgery. Why the doctor went that route in an emergency situation I am not sure. I think he was probably more comfortable with EVAR. I did get a lot of blood and the doctor did say I should be really proud of myself because I went through a lot. I had huge amount of blood and fluids that had to dissipate over time. It took months to dissipate and it was about the size of a golf ball at my last ct-scan. I am back to doing most everything now. I am golfing, I run, and have a normal sex life. I again get the “running high” that I used to get from running. I had my doubts at times, but I am doing fine now. I did experience stomach pains for about 1 1/2 years and I went to the doctor several times to see if I had a hernia, prostate problem, bladder infection, or worse, but each time the doctor said I was fine. The last time the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong, but he still gave me antibiotics. Amazingly the stomach pains I had been experiencing went away. He’s a good doctor. Kevin, keep up the good work. You inspired me to get back into running.

        • Hi James.
          Can you send me a photo of you running? I could turn your comment into an inspiring post. Several people have told me the same thing. I recommend low impact technique, and if I’m on bumpy roads on the bike, I stand. Don’t want to shake my stent loose again. Once was enough.

          • James Kehoe says

            Hi Kevin,

            It is good to know that you can fix stents when they get knocked loose. However, it probably is not something I want to do.

            I don’t know how to send pictures through this blog. So I sent the pictures to your earthlink email if you still have it.

        • Hi James,
          I don’t think you can. I’ll go check my e-mail. Been tied up, lately. I’m on lots of different sites. Let me go find your photos.

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