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  1. Kev, thank you for your latest news letter “Squire dumplings and effective communication”, which I found to be interesting, insightful, and thought provoking. I have found meeting people where they stand to be effective in coming to a better, more common understanding yet not often an easy thing to do. The desire to change people’s minds by being “right” (factually not politically) gets in the way. The importance of this cannot be understated because as someone far smarter than me once said (or wrote?) “… divided we fall” and today we are divided. I will ponder on this as I go to the garden to check the potatoes and see if I can find the squirrel trap. Democratists unite!

    • Hi Andreas, I finally found your comment on my regular blog. I appreciate it. I guess I need to add chaat to my newsletter, but the thought is horrifying, -kev

  2. I will reply in email next time

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