Older Athletes, Don’t Forget To Rotate Your Tires!

Older Athletes?

Perhaps All Athletes!

older athletes, beware repetitive motion injury

Beware Repetitive Motion Injury

The fall of dropping water wears away the Stone.” Lucretius

older athletesTires on cars and trucks are rotated, to avoid repetitive damage. To even out the wear, for better wear, and less tear. This is due to the weight of the engine (more strain on the front tires), uneven stresses of turns from left to right side, tendency for curbside tires to have more bumps and scrapes. Tire rotation spreads this load across the tires, more evenly.

The same applies to us, as we walk, run, sit, and enjoy our morning cup of tea, or coffee!

Sitting with my daily morning cup of tea!

About one year ago, a small bump appeared near the first joint of my right index finger. On the ‘thumb-ward sideof the joint. It was firm to the touch. A dermatologist agreed that it felt like a mass. We both suspected a giant cell tumor, a common occurrence in this site. A hand surgeon, then agreed with this diagnosis.

No choice! Finger surgery!

I was allowed to watch the operation, due to my medical training, and the attitude of the surgeon. It was fascinating to see someone cutting on me, while it looked as though it was someone else’s finger. The magic of local anesthetic! The surgeon said, Take a look at this, Kevin, its a joint cyst, after all. Ill repair it, and we’re done.

Why had that particular part of my joint bulged?

older athletesAfter my hand had recovered from the surgery, I noticed a relevant issue. While drinking my usual morning cup of tea, in my favorite cup. I liked a certain kind of cup handle, that felt right. That morning, residual tenderness from the surgery brought the cause to my attention. There it was! The handle of my favorite cup was resting on the surgery site. Tea cup handles had been pressing on the same region of my finger joint, for over 50 years! Pretty well, every day! Literally, thousands of times!

Id worn out the joint capsule, by drinking my tea in the same manner, every morning. Believe it or not!

How did I prevent reoccurrence? By giving up my morning cuppa? No Way!

I changed the way I moved my hands around the cup, and I accepted a range of cup handle designs!

If you are running a marathon, on a completely flat road, remember to change up your running style from time to time, to change the load on bones, connective tissues, and muscles.

This will reduce the risk of repetitive motion injury.

It might not be a problem in your 40s, 50s or even 60s, but now I’m in my 70s, these things are coming home to roost!

Wishing you happy trails.


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