One-Leg Bike Drills Reveal Pelvic Imbalance

Hi folks!

My new coach, Eric Bean, sets me some interesting workouts, including the old one-leg drills. During today’s set on my trainer, where I finally hit 162 cadence during the high cadence set, I made an interesting observation during the one-leg drills. When my legs were tired, and heading for ‘clanking over the top,’ the limiting issues in my pelvic muscles were different for my right and left legs. On the right it was all medial, whilst for the left it was all lateral, even extending to stress that most mysterious of all muscles, the quadratus lumborum. Shifting the load bearing laterally on the right and medially on the left caused the issue to fade a little. My pelvic imbalance has been evident for quite a while, but this was the first really clear indication of an area where I can work on the problem.

More work to do in Feldenkrais, I think!





  1. Cadence of 162!? Risk of flying apart?

  2. Hi Rory!

    Well, actually I have started to feel more solid as the cadence climbs from week to week. If you are not completely relaxed you’ll bounce. Once relaxed on the saddle with this kind of cadence it feels like a good but potentially risky place to be, which is why this is done in a carefully controlled way in Eric’s workouts. It appears to be all about learning to relax and the power that comes with it is quite surprising. The rate limiting step always seems to be the least relaxed muscle or muscle group, which for me is always my right medial adductors.

    Hope you’re having fun wherever you are.



  3. We’re on Grand Bahama Island, in the town of Feeport. Will send a pic.

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