Over 50 Dating, Or At Any Age For That Matter

Concerning over 50 dating!

The best way to date, is to not date!

Easier said, than done!

Dating over 50: don't be desperate

Great support crew at one of my Ironman races. Photo with permission.

I think that the best time to talk about dating, is when you’re not dating.

Over 50 dating? I came across this issue, while doing keyword research for the Ironman Over 50 Mentor product. Keyword research is a critical component of business on the web.

My goal is to help people deal with aging (and eliminate factory farms!), especially those overcoming major health challenges, such as aortic disease. For such people, dating and sex are challenging issues. I even wrote a blog post about sex with aortic disease, and it has been a popular number.

Here’s my advice on dating, for what it’s worth. Being in my 70s, I’ve been around the block, as they say!

Don’t date!

dating over 50

A book that turned my life around, many years ago – don’t be a nice guy, but don’t be a jerk either! Just grow a spine! Took me a while – it was tougher than the Ironman.

Live an active, interesting life. Similar people will then walk into your life. It’s a fact!

The odd thing about dating, is that the more you think about it, the less it happens. Over 50 or not!

For guys, the best book I ever read on dating was “Nice Guys Don’t Get Laid.” The message is simple, “Grow a spine, and don’t be desperate. They can read it! AND don’t go on a date, just go out for dinner or a walk (or an Ironman), with no expectations.

Most importantly, don’t hesitate to ask, especially if you ‘aren’t in their league.‘ Forget that crap. Don’t miss opportunities, they won’t return.

Life without risk, is no life at all, guys.

Oh! Yes! Did I mention the fact that doing an Ironman Over 50 is a great way to meet the girls?

Happy hunting (I mean NOT hunting, living),


PS I’m so glad I don’t have to do that anymore. I can concentrate on my Ironman training and my business.


  1. Maybe I should read that book.

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