Overcome Your Roadblock Or You’ll Never Get Going


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From: http://goo.gl/X1fng Online Wall Street Journal, via my friend Rory

Taking the plunge in freezing cold water. You'll never find me doing this!

What is your roadblock or area of resistance to exercise and training? I have been a swimmer of sorts for over sixty years, but I still hate jumping into cold water. Nothing seems to improve the experience, including prolonged meditation upon my cold-water-phobia. I’ve tried every kind of mental trick to no avail. I just have to force myself each and every time. The zone of discomfort is just that fine line at the intersection of my skin, the air and the water, reminiscent of the beach. We are at the beach right now, and I love to sit on the littoral zone at the intersection of the sea, the land and the sky. I always wonder what our ancestors thought when sitting there, be that some 600 million year old common ancestor (plant or animal) or a more recent hunter gather. With all of this cogitation you would think that I could just distract myself enough to jump in the damn water. But no! I slowly lower my body, huffing and puffing as I go. Some Ironman! But I do actually get in eventually, and then off I go feeling better with every stroke, wondering what that was all about. Next day the same thing all over again. Then I received a tweet on this very subject, as follows, and realized that I am not alone.

Chez Ollie UIndy CAC @fitolddog Thanks for your response. Taking that first step out the door is hard.”

It occurred to me that this is the problem with exercise for most people. Getting started. Of course this is followed by the problem of keeping going, and then there is not stopping too soon, and facing any minor aches and pains the next day, which feed powerfully into problem number one, getting started. You wake up stiff and tired and you intended to work out, which becomes “let’s leave it for another day.” That’s how it works, whether you are 30 years old or retired and in a nursing home. It is no different.

My advice for today is this. Identify your roadblock, explore it and put it in perspective, grit your teeth and get in the water, or go to the gym, or hit the trails, or walk around the block for heaven’s sake. Breakfast tastes so good after a long, early morning swim. Focus on the reward and I am sure that you’ll make it.

OK! What are you waiting for?

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