Train to Race or Race to Train, Lazy Bum, And Dropped By An 81-Year Old

  Hi folks, Well! My son and I finished the Eagleman race this weekend. It was one of those races where you wonder why you are doing this to yourself, as it was very hot, lots of people had cramps, and both of our runs were a mess due to cramping. This is when I have to remind myself that I race to train, not the other way around. I enjoy the races, but I don't enjoy quad cramps during a run. This has only ... Read more

Some Things I Learned From My Coaches About Being Ready For A Triathlon

Hi folks! Well! I'm ready for the Eagleman Half Ironman, my first post-AAA stent race, where you'll find me in the 65-69 year age group. Some bits and pieces of the wealth of advice that I have received from my coaches and other 'spiritual guides' over the years are running around in my head. For instance: Coach #1, Nigel, my son: "Forget your instruments when you race, Dad, go on feel." When I asked him for ... Read more

Do You Mind If I Call You A Senior? Hell No!

Hi folks, Today I was chatting to Tara, a young friend and great massage therapist, Gyrotonic instructor and athlete, when she mentioned a television program called 'Are You Fitter Than A Senior?' As I never watch TV it was news to me. Then Tara said, "I wouldn't like to compete with you guys," and she rapidly followed up with "Ooops! Sorry! Do you mind if I call you a Senior?" Off my mind raced as it processed ... Read more

Is It Tendonitis Or Referred Pain, And Either Way What Can You Do About It?

  Hi folks! Matthew, a friend and relative, asked me on Facebook about his running injury, as follows [with minor edits]: "after agreeing with your sentiments about barefoot running, I promptly picked up a foot tendon injury and haven't been able to run since. [ ] I can't for the life of me recall which tendon is damaged [ ] its outside the arch...possibly one of the peroneus tendons in this ... Read more

Four Minutes Of Nostalgia – Watching That Four Minute Mile

Hi folks! I find that watching video clips really helps me to work on certain aspect of my technique, so here is a good one I have seen a number of times. The 'official' breaking of the four-minute mile by Roger Bannister. I was a water polo player in Bristol, England, when this occurred so I had no idea of its significance for runners. Guess I do now! Here is the pool that was so important to me at that ... Read more

I Love My New Drawing Book – Observation, Awareness, Technique, Patience, And Endurance Training

I was hunting around on my Nook looking for a drawing instruction book when I came across the little e-tome below. The drawing of the cats on the cover just blew me away! I downloaded the book for a few bucks, started reading, and then thought that I would try my hand at drawing my new running shoes following the instructions in my Nook Book. I really like my new Chez Ollie running shoes, which I purchased at ... Read more

And Old Farts Too!

Hi folks! I was sitting at Johnny's the other day thinking about nothing in particular, when I looked up and noticed the old Johnny's sign on the wall. Johnny's used to be a bait and tackle shop before it morphed into a coffee bar and great general hangout with food, music and good company. The bait and tackle went away but the old farts still hang on. Then I got to wondering about the expression 'old ... Read more

Take Time To Stop And Stroke The Kittens!

  Hi folks, I was out riding the bike the other day with my friend Rory, who loves to always ride 'balls to the wall,' as they say. He just can't help it! Honest! He can't! As we approached a set of farm buildings where a delightful cat lives, Rory said, "are you going to stop and see the cat?" Notice, he didn't say "are we going to stop?" I said "of course," but I could tell that Rory wanted to keep on ... Read more

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