Why Growing Your Own Food is So Important

Why Growing Your Own Food is So Important

Planting the fall garden, while Cat looks on. We live from the soil. No plants, no food, no us. You only care for that of which you are aware. Growing your own food, handling soil that you've carefully nurtured, keeps you in touch with the Biosphere. What do you think would happen if you became out of touch with your kids, your pets, your body? They suffer and in the end this will cause you to suffer, ... Read more

On Balance and Aging

As I age I realize how increasingly important it is to focus on balance and aging skills. There are four major balance systems in your body: https://youtu.be/0UrDduMawtI Inner ear - the key is hydration.Somatic sense - body-awareness training works for this.Vision - it's harder to balance with your eyes closed, so practice this.Mechanoreceptors on the soles of your feet - use safe barefoot movement on sand or ... Read more

Battle to Overcome Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Begins with Promising Results

Battle to Overcome Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Begins with Promising Results

A few years ago, I met an older man who had been an excellent runner most of his life, but was now severely overweight. I asked him why he no longer exercised. He replied that he had such severe claudication (pain on exercise) in his calves due to peripheral arterial disease (PAD) that he had even given up walking more than a few yards from his car. This is the wrong way to overcome PAD, as I well know, suffering ... Read more

Free Body-Awareness eBook for Endurance Sports Including Aging

Including aging? Believe you me, aging is the ultimate endurance sport. Just click this link. I have friends who can no longer run, or even bike, due to bone-on-bone knee damage. All due to lack of body-awareness (heel striking) while running in their 20s and 30s. I had two running-related knee surgeries myself, in my 50s, before I woke up, developed a low impact running style, and qualified for Boston two ... Read more

Athlete with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Buried Treasure

Athlete with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Buried Treasure

Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. – Bible, Galatians VI. Hey! I take good advice wherever I can get it. Body, mind and spirit hold hidden treasures, strengths you earned during a your life-time. The seasons come and go. An endless cycle. True for our lives and the garden. As a plant-based athlete, I really enjoy vegetable gardening. 10 years after running the Boston Marathon - Living in a ... Read more

So-called plantar fasciitis and iliotibial band syndrome are neither. They’re not where the pain is!

So-called plantar fasciitis and iliotibial band syndrome are neither. They're not where the pain is!

In my humble opinion, both the condition doctors and podiatrists call plantar fasciitis and I call nociceptive foot pain (NFP), and the pain in the knee that sports physicians call iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) and I call nociceptive lateral knee pain (NLKP), are states of nociceptive or warning pain, and these problems do not lie in the location of their respective pains. The best approach is presented in ... Read more

Ironman with Peripheral Arterial Disease?

Training is like building soil stucture in the vegetable garden. Your ability to rebound and tolerate challenges (or bad weather and bugs) will be a function of your base. This you create throughout life. In my garden, I use liberal doses of free compost from the town. For my training, I call on a lifetime of athletics, including more recently, 25-years of triathlons including my favorite, full Ironman. So glad I ... Read more

Can Knowledge Of Running Biomechanics Rescue My Ironman Kona Dream?

Running Biomechanics With progressive peripheral vascular disease, plus the underlying non-compliant (rigid, non-elastic) abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) stent graft, which also limits blood flow to my legs, my last Marathon, in Maine was a foot pain nightmare. Should I give up Ironman? F**k that. As The Martian said, "It's time to science the shit out of this." I love that movie, even bought it! Science fiction ... Read more

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