Painted Ladies Followed By A Circadian Conflict Meditation Reminding FitOldDog That His Reactions Create His Unrest Not Disturbances Themselves

Picture of Julie and Deb covered in paint at the local Color The Hill Charity run.

Painted Ladies! Julie and Deb have fun at the Paint The Hill run in Chapel Hill. Photo by FitOldDog.

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Life sends us lessons on a daily basis, but, as explained in that great movie, Groundhog Day, we have to be reminded over and over again before they finally sink in and we reach a state of relaxed contentment much, if not all, of the time.

FitOldDog Tea

I love my morning tea meditation, because that is when I have a chance to learn and improve my life, or should I say hone my reactions to life’s lessons of the previous day.

I live in a household where no one but myself has any apparent respect for natural light and dark cycles. I suspect this is simply due to phenotypic diversity (different kinds of people promoting survival of the species, especially when environmental changes occur). It’s not that I voluntarily ‘respect’ my circadian rhythm, I’m actually chained to it, needing to get to sleep as the sun goes down and my eyes popping open in the pre-dawn, whether I like it or not.

Following a great day yesterday everyone was all revved up, but I went to bed at 10:00 pm., while the party continued around me. I was finally awoken by increased activity at 1:30 am., and could not get back to sleep. The festivities included a bonfire in the yard until 1:00 am., followed by the cooking of food for a bunch of teenagers (as quietly as possible – NOT possible) at 1:30 am., which got the dogs barking and then me awake and fuming.

Nick, his friends, and Deb woke me up in the night, but it was me who messed up my sleep, not them. My ego wanted to blame them, but I finally saw the light - AGAIN!

Nick, his friends, and Deb woke me up in the night, but it was me who messed up my sleep, not them. My ego wanted to blame them, so I was mad, but I finally saw the light – AGAIN!

As I reflected on the event at 5:00 am., over my morning cup of tea, and after very little sleep, I remembered that it was my reaction to the noise that spoiled my night’s sleep, not Deb and the teenagers. They were just having fun in their own way. Why could I not sleep? I allowed myself to be mad! If I hadn’t reacted, I would have just rolled over and missed the show, much to my personal relief. I still plan to ride bike and swim today, but without adequate sleep. Such training is subpar at best and dangerous at worst.

Just try not to react and you’ll do much better, I say to myself, and it often works – think of the stupidity and dangers of road rage, especially to cyclists. I was just having sleep rage! But even with years of meditation, I still fail sometimes, but less frequently. Deb says, “Kevin, you’re only human, accept it!” OK! But I won’t accept it lying down when there are better ways to handle my life.

Happiness comes down to mind training, as there is always something you can choose to get upset about.

Time to get my bike gear together, while the household sleeps on, and I’ll do it as quietly as possible, honest!

-k @FitOldDog




  1. I love your mug (cup).

  2. Completely natural and understandable reaction considering that you knew you would be suffering from sleep deprivation the following day. Ideally you should have had somewhere you could have got away from the noise.

  3. I think that the best place to get away from the noise is in my head somewhere. That’s the idea, anyway.

  4. Or ear plugs. I use them sometimes.

  5. Hi Marian, the point of the blog was to say that I would like to have possessed sufficient mind control to not respond and then I would get back to sleep, no problem. Yesterday, everyone but yours truly went out to a horrific event (I went once by mistake), loud bands playing loud noise, and not my cup of tea. So I stayed home with the dogs, and was happily calm and meditating, prior to falling asleep at 9:30 p.m. I meditated on not getting mad when they all came in at 1:00 a.m., which they did, and trying to be quiet, which they could not do, they were too happy and excited. I succeeded in not responding when awoken by the noise, and went right back to sleep. Progress was made. I was not at the mercy of my environment, instead I recruited inner resources, which are always available, this not being the case for ear plugs. I can’t stand ear plugs, btw, they are more irritating than people. That’s it. -kevin

  6. I get the point of your message, that we all are responsible for how we react to situations, not the situation itself. How much more evolved we can be when we let the distresses roll on by, and not let it frustrate us. I’m still trying, and getting better/trying is the point. I’m no good with not enough sleep, my body’s circadian rhythm is like yours. Years ago, after a year in a noisy apt building (hate them!!), I learned to sleep with white noise in the form of a radio and headset/ear plugs. Now nothing bothers me! I probably would have gotten up to enjoy the bonfire, etc., and then gone back to sleep.

    • Hi Marsha, Deb, Jess and Maggie were wandering around and talking at 2:30 am, but I slept through it all. This morning Jess asked if they woke me up, and I said “No!” and then Jess commented that I seem to sleep through this stuff better as time goes by. Jess and her friend slept until 2:00 pm today, and of course Deb went back for another 2-2 shift. My biorhythm just could not handle it. I’ve also noticed that alcohol really messes with my sleep, even one glass of wine. An effect of aging I suspect. You’re correct about my message, and it is a very liberating message indeed. Cheers, Kevin

  7. Sadly I agree about alcohol, even 1 glass of whatever. Body just doesn’t metabolize it well anymore. People inconsiderate about noise will annoy me, like shooting off huge booming firework bombs on the street at midnight. I hate fireworks. So I’m sure your company was not that way, plus you know their ‘noise’ and it didn’t bother your brain.

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