Water Running For Peripheral Vascular Disease

Water Running?

Boring but Great for Peripheral Vascular Disease?

You’re never alone with peripheral vascular disease.

I’m happily dealing with three issues, when it comes to staying in my beloved sport, Ironman.

It’s a puzzle, rather than a disaster.

peripheral vascular diseaseMore importantly, Willbe wonders what this has to do with giving him more walks and treats?

There are three critical items to address:

  1. My common iliac artery is expanding around the right distal branch of Rupert (a lovely Cook Zenith stent graft), causing leak-back towards, but not yet through to, the abdominal aortic aneurysm.
  2. My right popliteal artery is occluding, slowly, resulting in claudication in my right calf. This spreads to the outside of my right foot when I run very gently on a treadmill for more than 30 minutes. But exercise is the best treatment (other than a stent or graft) for this common issue.
  3. I’m getting older, and next year I’ll be 75, in a new and exciting age group with hopes of Kona, which might cause my emotion circuits to override my logic circuits.

I’ve discovered that I can have a kick-ass workout by water running; 3-4 x 45 min runs/week, combined with weight room work, to optimize my preparation for the bike, the most dangerous aspect of this adventure.

Water running gives a strong cardiovascular workout, does not trigger peripheral claudication, and it works on my entire body, based on how beat up I feel the next day.

Time to workup to one hour.

Never give up. Life is good!

A life without risk, is no life at all.

kev aka Not quite so fit, FitOldDog, but working on it.


  1. Pauline Carol WATSON says

    I’m glad you are keeping fit and optimistic despite everything!

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