Celebrating One Year As A Plant-Based Ironman Triathlete

Plant-Based Ironman Training Going Well!

I Can’t Imagine Going Back To Eating Meat

Unless I Have Too!

plant-based ironman: FitOldDog's cowHey! Plant-Based Ironman, old fart, where do you get your protein? Same place gorillas get their protein!

Don’t you miss meat? Nope! Had to eat some salmon in Alaska, no choice – I was surprised that I did not enjoy it. Very surprised!

Can you believe that a whole year went by, all thanks to W. It went like this:

W: “Want to consult on a ‘reduce animal testing program’?”

FitOldDog: “Nope, I’m trying to build a business!”

W: “Here’s the contract!”

FitOldDog: “Well, my business is struggling, and I like rats and mice [venal motive].”

I start my research (all on a website I created, as a notebook), to save rats and mice. I soon find I can’t eat pigs and chickens at the same time. Pig on fenceI’m painfully logical. It wasn’t about feelings. It was about logic. If I care about rats and mice, which I do, why do I not care about pigs and chickens? If I continue to eat pigs and chickens, clearly, I don’t really care about rats and mice, I just want the money. That is not my real motive!

No choice!

I go vegetarian!

Two weeks later, during my research, I watch the movie, ‘Cowspiracy.

I immediately go vegan! 

Two weeks later, we notice dramatic improvement in my prostate health.

And a happy vegan year went by. No problem!

What’s not to like about being vegan.

Try it! I bet you’ll like it!

FitOldDog, the Generally Happy, Plant-Based Ironman, ol’ fart, Veterinarian.


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