Plantar Fasciitis And Rollers Revisited – Correlation Does Not Prove Cause And Effect, But If It Works Use It.

FitOldDog with horse.

I talked to this horse, and he looks as though he’s not listening, but actually he knows that I’ve run out of Honey Stingers. Photo by Greg.

If you’re an older athlete (which I am), you’ll be forced to carefully explore your biomechanics (body movement processes) in order to head off injuries, if you hope to stay in the game into your 80s and beyond (which I do).

A good conversation depends more upon listening than it does on talking, and this is as true for a conversation with your body as it is whilst chatting with a friend. Learning to listen came to me in later in life, but the benefits are priceless. So I listen more, and I wonder about plantar fasciitis.

Third edition of anatomy trains by Tom Myers.

Got to love this guys work, which is why I just bought the 3rd edition.

My listening resulted in a clear conclusion. Lengthening my hamstrings provides immediate relief from tight calves, that can be associated with sore feet, including my heels, especially early in the morning.

If you read Tom Myers latest edition of Anatomy Trains (great stuff), you’ll see why. The hamstring and gastrocnemius myofasciae (muscles with their associated layers and layers of connective tissue sheaths and anatomy trains, with associated stations and crossing points – Tom Myers’s analogy, and a good one) are intimately interconnected physically and functionally.

Listen and learn for a good life, and a long one if you’re lucky!


FitOldDog aka Kevin



  1. Thank you for all of the time you spend thinking about, researching about and writing about plantar fasciitis. Because of you I stopped thinking about it as a “foot” problem and started thinking about it as an issue with the muscles above and connecting to my foot. Whenever it rears its ugly head and I work on those muscles it is quickly nipped in the bud. Thank you for the knowledge! I had given up hope that I would ever feel relief. You rock, Kevin!

    • Hi Becky! Hope you don’t mind my asking, but could you say this on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, it would really help balance our reviews. Much appreciated, FitOldDog.

  2. My pleasure!

    • It’s perfect, and thanks a million. We are now improving and rebuilding the product based on things we’ve learned along the way. Very interesting topic, and please let us know if we can do more to help.

  3. I used to have painful arch after a long run and just took it as something being wrong with my shoes. This article has given me food for thought. Thanks -Allen

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