Plantar Fasciitis And The Frenzel Maneuver

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Once you know how to do it, eliminating plantar fasciitis is like clearing your ears with the Frenzel Maneuver, but you have to learn how. Go to my website, by clicking on the image, at FreedomFromFootPain.Com

Frenzel Maneuver explainedMany years ago I had trouble clearing my ears, whilst SCUBA diving, then I learned the Frenzel Maneuver, and the problem was solved, but it took a while to learn. The same appears to be the case for plantar fasciitis, and now all I have to do is the FitOldDog Maneuver, and I’m running, walking and sitting again, pain free.

The way I learned the Frenzel Maneuver, from a book, was to pinch my nose closed gently, put the tip of my tongue behind my teeth, VERY gently exhale into my closed nose to create a SLIGHT air pressure, and raise my soft palate (a kind of yawning feeling), and POP, airway clear, ear pain gone. It was frustrating at first, and then the light went on, and clearing my Eustachian tubes hasn’t been a problem ever since. So, what has this got to do with treating plantar fasciitis? Everything!

Cabbage White butterfly

The Shadow Of Doom: Blocked Eustachian Tubes, Plantar Fasciitis, Cabbage White Butterfly pays a visit? It’s all a matter of knowing what to do (without chemicals). Photo by FitOldDog.

I have fortunately been dealing with a second case of heel pain, which I can induce at anytime I want (I don’t want) by sitting for a little while on my hamstrings on a hard chair, and by doing hard runs. But I can make the intense heel pain go away in a few steps by activating my arches, much like the Frenzel Maneuver, but in my lower legs. Why fortunate? Because we have an e-Book on this subject, which explains what to do, if you are in the early stages of this disease.

You’ll have to buy our e-book, The FitOldDog Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Roadmap, I’m afraid, if you want to know the answer, as I don’t want to go through the whole long story here!

I sure works, however, once you get the knack, just like the Frenzel Maneuver and Bacillus thuringiensis.

You can find our book at the Freedom From Foot Pain website, Frenzel you’ll have to practice, and please look after your brassicas, without pesticides.


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