Plantar Fasciitis Case Reports, With Cost Estimates (Case 228 v 43): ‘So-Called Plantar Fasciitis’ Is Big Business!

Individual plantar fasciitis case reports.

Online Survey-Based Research

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plantar fasciitis case report

Individual data were converted to 1, 0, -1, or absent, clustered (sorted into two groups of similar response types), using Cluster/Treeview Software. Generally greener (‘1’ = improved symptoms), on the left, did better than generally blacker (0 = no response, in spite of the cost) or redder (-1 = worse, despite the expense), on the right. Grey = treatment not tested. You can access all the data, at SurveyMonkey, at this link!

Individual plantar fasciitis case reports are the ‘soul’ of this online, survey-based, research.

FitOldDog's Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Roadmap

If you want to support this research, consider purchasing our latest book – more on the way. If you don’t like it, your money back. FitOldDog and Rebecca.

This research is designed to transform a lucrative business, that is making $1,000,000s out of people’s pain, into more a successful, and cost-effective system for the benefit of patients.

There are many advertised, often expensive, and sometimes dangerous, treatments.

BEWARE! Especially if you are considering cortisone injections, surgery, or even barefoot running (do that one right!).

I am yet to find an advertisement that mentions the fact that almost all of these treatments can make your foot pain worse – it’s a crap shoot.

The red rectangles, in the figure at the top of this post, represent a treatment making things worse, for someone.

Thinking of someones, let me pull out two cases from the 231, in the figure above (I now have 237, and more coming in – if  you’ve had plantar fasciitis for a while, submit your data at this link, if you so desire).

Here are two someones, one from the green cluster (generally the treatments helped), and one from the blacker/redder cluster (generally had no effect, or made things worse).

I’ll also estimated each person’s expenses, using ‘Cost Helper,’ with some help from Google!

plantar fasciitis case reports; two cases from FitOldDog's clustering research.

1 (green) = improved symptoms, 0 (black) = no change, -1 (red) = made it worse, blank (grey) = not tested.

Case 228 (greener):

plantar fasciitis case reportsThis kind person (thanks for completing the survey), with chronically sore feet, or heels at least, did fairly well. Compared to many of these cases of chronic plantar fasciitis. Most of the treatments they selected were beneficial. Only exercises had no effect. Fortunately, in this case, none of the treatments made things worse.

Estimated cost:

Minimum – $1,261

Maximum – $3,470

Now for someone in the blacker/redder cluster.

Case 43 (redder):

plantar fasciitis case reports; cost estimates for case 43

This poor person tried many things:

  • Changing shoes, massage/rollers, visits to a Physical Therapist and a Podiatrist, and expensive ShockWave Therapy, had no effect.
  • Arch supports, orthotics, inserts, and the night splint (boot), actually made things worse.
  • Icing, exercises, pain killers, cortisone injections, and oddly enough, barefoot running, made things better.

What an interesting set of responses.

In there lie clues as to the true nature of this disease, or set of disease complexes.

Estimated cost:

Minimum – $1,386

Maximum – $7,315

plantar fasciitis case reports: FitOldDog, vegan cooking.

I enjoyed vegan cooking, over an open campfire, on the Blue Ridge, this weekend. Photo by Deb, who encourages such activities.

I have another 235 such cases on file, which you can view at this link, if you so desire.

This work has only just started, as I master the skills needed for effective online survey research.

For a copy of my ‘So-Called Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Effectiveness Research Report,’ click this link. It will land in your downloads folder, as a pdf.

OK! Lot more work to do, before I can publish a strategy/tactics document.

Wishing you happy feet, and happy trails.


PS We do take a break from time-to-time.

What a beautiful place we have to live on! Planet Earth.

plantar fasciitis case reports: view near our campsite, on the Blue Ridge. By Deb

Beautiful view near our campsite, on the Blue Ridge, last weekend. By Deb.

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