‘So-Called Plantar Fasciitis’ Disease Treatment Clustering Research

Plantar Fasciitis Disease Treatment Clustering?

Disease treatment clustering: free research report.

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Disease Treatment Clustering?

disease treatment clustering

I’m working on it, looking for patterns in the data, to solve the ‘so-called plantar fasciitis’ mystery(s).

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Effectiveness Research!

Disease treatment clustering, to unearth cause, progression and treatment clues, for this horrible heel/foot pain.

disease treatment clustering

Lots of information, just read it. This table has 216 columns (cases), right now, but I would prefer 1000s.

I’m showing you these early results, without further explanation, in order to:

  1. Let you know that I’m actually using your data, if you filled out a survey.
  2. To encourage you to fill out my ‘chronic plantar fasciitis research survey’, at this link. These research surveys will improve with time, as I gain experience with survey-based research, on a shoe-string budget.

The latest, ‘so-called plantar fasciitis’ survey, entitled chronic plantar fasciitis, which is still open at this link, generated over 200 data sets in less than 48 hours. I published these results as a set of graphs, on the source Facebook sites (thanks for the data, folks). However, such graphs provide limited information, or clues, as to optimal treatment approaches.

The individual data were transcribed, one at a time (which caused me to read all the related comments – fascinating), to create a ‘binary’ data table. 1= improved symptoms, 0 = no change, -1 made it worse, blank = no data.

disease treatment clustering

They could try magic, if they could find their way to Hogwart’s; just go to platform 9 and 3/4.

I’ll read you the first example, in the adjacent figure, case 67, just for fun:

  • Changing shoes, drugs/pills, improved symptoms
  • Massage/rollers, arch supports, ice or cold roller, tape/taping, exercises, physical therapist, heel cups/shoe inserts, compression sleeves, podiatrist, and nutrition/supplements, made no difference.
  • Orthotics, surgery , and the boot/night splints, made it worse.

Now! What would you tell ‘case 67’ to do, try magic? – I have definite ideas.

Then these tables were format converted, for analysis with free clustering software. I learned this stuff, while running a large Toxicogenomics lab – magic from transcripts – here is a link to one of our papers, just in case that is of interest.

disease treatment clustering; Altras and chickens

I love my new Altra shoes, they let my feet spread, good for my arches. I also like the visiting chickens, which I can watch from my tine house office. Life is good!

It’s a funny thing, that everything you learn comes in handy one day, but in ways you never expected. Does for me, anyway! So, learn lots of things, I say.

Evidently, many people are desperate for a heel/foot pain cure, but nothing seems to completely fix it. If you doubt it, just read the adjacent ‘binary’ table.

OK! Just wanted to let you know, I’m working away on your data (thanks again – can’t do research, without data, even virtual research).

Wishing you happy feet and happy trails.


PS For a free copy of the ‘So-Called Plantar Fasciitis’ research report, which will be updated upon completion of this stage of the work, go to the Plantar Fasciitis Research Report link.


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