Postulated Plantar Fasciitis Progression Clarified To Find Your Optimal Therapy

Plantar Fasciitis Progression? I Smell A Rat!

Caused AND cured by pregnancy, barefoot running, or shoe inserts?

Think again!

Linearized progression of postulated progression of plantar fasciitis.

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Plantar fasciitis disease and therapy progression.

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I’ve been studying plantar fasciitis progression for some time

It’s a fascinating disease state.

Plus all those different, and often expensive, treatments?

Give me a break! There’s a common link!

Being pathologist by training (Pathology is the science of the study of the nature of disease), I recently posted a postulated progression of the condition (incorrectly) known as plantar fasciitis. I was informed by a close young friend that it wasn’t comprehensible. So I re-presented the same material in the figure above, and linked this to my suggested therapy selection based on the stage of the disease (second figure). There is a lot of confusion out there, about which treatments to choose or trust.

In my opinion, based on our ongoing plantar fasciitis research, this is a progressive disease, initiated by an idiopathic dys-regulation of proprioceptive or nociceptive, biomechanical, neural reflexes.

Translation: first it starts, for unknown reasons, as a problem in your nervous system, specifically the parts involved with the control of body movement and protective pain perception; it most certainly does not originate in the connective tissue on the sole of your foot.

As an analogy, food poisoning is generally induced by the intake of bacterial toxins (endotoxins) in contaminated food, not by the production of watery, smelly poop!

Plantar fasciitis treatment interactive map by FitOldDog

Click image for link to map, then click on the lower, right flag ‘Other’ to find the ASTRO website link. Great invention, based on careful research!

That’s just a symptom, as is plantar fascial tension, and sometimes rupture, in the case of the old heel pain problem.

If you don’t understand a disease, how are you going to fix it?

The first real problem, is that lots of people (not all!) are making lots of money out of people’s lack of medical training, or by providing misinformation – not sure how to fix that, as my marketing budget for our e-book, The Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Roadmap, is too small to compete.

The second real problem, is the name, as fasciitis creates the inflammation mindset, which is misleading.

However, I sure am having fun, learning about marketing and it’s influence on our lives! It’s a blast! And I know how to keep my plantar fasciitis at bay, after long hard runs, using a simple movement maneuver that I learned from the ASTRO.

Or should I say, that the ASTRO taught me! Old dog, new trick!

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