Real Plantar Fasciitis Research Is Needed – Tribe Leader Step Forward, Please!

Human Heel Pain Therapy Is A Mess!

Plantar Fasciitis Research Badly Needed

Plantar fasciitis research needed.

All this human plantar fasciitis reminds me of treating horses with laminitis – equally painful.  There is no way that horse wants to move, with such severe hoof discomfort (No, I don’t think it is the same disease mechanism). The wraps in the image linked site are new to me – wonder if they work as well as they say?

This tribe needs a plantar fasciitis research leader!

So Many People In Pain!

Plantar Fasciitis Research: plantar fasciitis hip stretch working: FitOldDog enjoys his herbs and thinks about ITBS

In North Carolina, we are more concerned about which toilet you use. We are losing research dollars due to HB2, which could fund dozens of real studies on ‘so called plantar fasciitis.’

Yes! Real plantar fasciitis research is needed.

ALL THESE FACEBOOK GROUPS, WITH DESPERATE PEOPLE ASKING DIFFERENT QUESTIONS, getting answers from people at all different stages of the disease, getting treatments from doctors who don’t even see it clearly.
 Most doctors even seem think the problem starts in the heel – WRONG!
Seems like some kind of plan is needed, or a leader of this tribe – preferably a researcher in their mid-40s, with access to students needing projects.
There are some 2-3,000,000 people with plantar fasciitis in the USA, at any one time, apparently.
Surely we can do better than this. It really needs a decent research study, with some money behind it. I left research several years ago, and I’m not a neurophysiologist with a strong background in biomechanics – that’s what’s needed.
Would make a great dissertation topic, for the right person – I had my last graduate student/post-doc five years ago.
Plantar fasciitis research: wrap helps laminitis in a horse.

Now, that horse looks happier, with a laminitis wrap – time to fix all those sore-footed people, now! PLEASE!

Surely there is a researcher out there, thinking more clearly than injections and surgery, pimply rubber balls and medieval torture devices (the boot).

This condition(s) needs to be clearly defined (did my best in multiple blog posts), as a progressive,
  1. disease,
  2. disease complex or
  3. set of diseases,

all leading to the therapeutic mess we read on the FaceBook pages, below.

Here are the Facebook links, if you want to read some foot pain horror stories (yes, I’m frustrated, with the Medical Profession, on this issue):
All these people in pain! I hate to read their stories, anymore!
Wishing you happy feet!
Kev aka FitOldDog


  1. Mandy Turner says

    Oh yes please .. It is so disabling, and takes from you your quality of life just like any other physical disability, and yet there is no disability pension Tor those who are unable to work due to this . You go to specialists and you still get no results .. It’s like everyone just takes a stab in the dark..
    You get to the state where You accept that this is the way it’s going to be forever and adapt your life accordingly.. It really is shit!!!!!!

    • Hi Mandy,
      I remember having to crawl on my hands and knees to get to the bathroom in the morning. I used to dread getting out of bed. But I fixed it. How about telling my your history, and maybe we can come up with something. Have you read our latest book, or my research paper, from the download link?

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