Plantar Fasciitis Shoes: FitOldDog’s Heel Pain Research Continues!

Best shoes for plantar fasciitis?

There’s no such thing as the best shoes for plantar fasciitis.

It’s an illusion!

plantar fasciitis shoes

Data for 66 samples, from my ongoing survey (enter YOUR DATA HERE for the next round of analysis); click image to see all the data at Survey Monkey, as it arrives.

How to chose your plantar fasciitis shoes?

Plantar fasciitis shoes

This is exactly what people aren’t doing. If you studied body movement, through simple body-awareness training, and then explored the feelings associated with changing your shoes, you might improve your success rate. Think about it! Furthermore, you would generate valuable data on the nature of this progressive disease.

Other ‘plantar fasciitis shoes’, were mentioned in the comment stream, of the survey (I never imagined there were so many, when I designed it):

  • New Balance (2x)
  • Kuru (1x)
  • Trainers (1x)
  • Frankie 4 (1x)
  • Skechers (2x)
  • Asics (4x)
  • Gabor with my own insoles
  • Vibrams (1x)
  • Finn Comfort
  • Brooks (2x)
  • ALegria
  • 2″ heels
  • Joya
  • Kuru
  • Teva Sandals
  • Saucony
  • Naots

So, what do you conclude, from this long list of shoes? With shoes being the most successful treatment, based on my research program (download a copy of the plantar fasciitis research report at this link, if you so desire). Maybe you should go shopping for the best plantar fasciitis shoes you can find, or money can buy?

But is there is no such a thing as the best plantar fasciitis shoes!

My conclusion?

It’s not about the shoes!

It’s about what happens when you change your shoes.

plantar fasciitis shoes

Benefit-risk graph, from my early studies. This shows that changing shoes is the most effective, of all treatments. Of those that I could find reported on Facebook, anyway. The success of a shoe change was confirmed by my recent survey data. The latter are available to you, as a downloadable plantar fasciitis research report, at this link. It will be placed in your downloads folder, if you click the link.

Such shoe changes, with

  • Lower or higher heel,
  • More or less arch support,
  • Structure that promotes pronation or supination,
  • More or less shock absorption,
  • Tighter or looser fit,
  • Smaller or larger toe box,
  • Softer or more rigid uppers,
  • More or less gripping sole,

will change the way you move.

Whether you like it or not!

How about this one, in the survey, from respondent #65:

New Balance 990 [Made it better] – Hoka’s made it worse.

Read the following carefully, and think about it!

The effectiveness of ‘plantar fasciitis shoes’ has nothing to do with the brand of shoes. Nothing at all!

New Balance aren’t better for plantar fasciitis than Hoka One Ones.

It has to do with how respondent #65 responded to the change of shoes.

Another person might find the complete reverse situation. In fact, I’ve heard of success with Hokas.

Plantar fasciitis shoes

I fixed my first bout of plantar fasciitis with a roller, but it didn’t work for the second one. Until I had my hip dislocation corrected. Then it helped a lot. Rollers had nothing to do with fixing my third case – I just changed the way I moved, on the bike.

This is why I promote the study of body-awareness, by modifying your body movement consciously, as opposed to completely randomly.

My latest product, Simple Movement Therapy, at this link, is designed to help busy people with this process, inexpensively.

But there are many other movement techniques to choose from, including Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais and Continuum.

If you do try a movement method, please consider filling out my Body Movement For Plantar Fasciitis Survey, at this link (all data made public).

I would think about that, before heading to the doctor for a cortisone shot, or worse, surgery!

Furthermore, there is no best non-shoe treatment for plantar fasciitis, either!

This goes for all the other treatments advertised out there, most of which are presented in FitOldDog’s Interactive Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Map.

plantar fasciitis shoes

Click image for link to the Interactive Map.

It’s your body, so it’s your call.

I’d start with body-awareness training, if I were you!

Please keep sending your survey data, and consider publishing your own interpretations. This is important for the 2 to 3,000,000 plantar sufferers in the USA.

Wishing you happy feet and happy trails.



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