Plantar Fasciitis Success And More To Come – A Dynamic Solution For A Dynamic Problem – It’s Been A Good Day

“Hi Kevin,

Yaay! I am back to running on my trampoline again thanks to you and Rebecca’s guidance! I started off several weeks ago with just 30 seconds a day and doubled it each week. I have decided to remain at 16 minutes for the past few weeks before I increase again. I try my best to use my roller, a tennis ball, and yoga toes as often as I remember and I have to be especially cognizant of using my whole foot while walking, which is quite difficult. I’m also starting the year with one massage a month to see if that helps. Perhaps when I get a better tool to roll my feet on and resume my yoga sessions I will feel more confident to go further. I am definitely going to check out the book below. 

Thanks for all you do!

Rosemary” with permission

Our plantar fasciitis product all started with this old blog post.

Our plantar fasciitis product all started with this old blog post.

It’s been a good day! We had this very happy customer report that she is finally recovering from chronic plantar fasciitis through the application of:

1. The FitOldDog Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Method, which comes with

2. Multiple videos (available via a promo code in our e-book), and

3. Personal analysis of this customer’s issues based on a video, provided by the customer, of her standing and walking.

FitOldDog's Plantar Fasciitis e-Book for widgetOur goal is to develop a complete and effective approach to the treatment of plantar fasciitis, based on customer input, for the wide range of mechanisms underlying this painful condition. The product is evolving, and new editions are in preparation.

You need a dynamic solution for a dynamic problem!

Plantar fasciitis doesn’t come from nowhere!

Yes! It’s been a good day!

Wishing you happy feet,

FitOldDog and Rebecca


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