Play Is Much More Fun Than Work And More Effective


Hi folks,

Rock playing pumpkin salesman at Johnny’s in Carrboro, and doing a great job of it.

A mathematician friend of mine wrote a letter years ago, in response to a request for advice, in which she said that she couldn’t address the question until she had “played with the equations.” Her boss, a statistician (an odd but interesting breed), was required to edit the letter for some reason or other and he added a single edit. He crossed out ‘play’ and substituted ‘work.’ Boy, did he get that wrong. If you work at something you are kind of forcing it. Ever seen a kid swimming, biking or running? Are they working at it? No way! And are they good at it? Sure. Wish I could run like a kid.

So, if you want to exercise for better health, don’t work out, enjoy the training game instead. You’ll have more fun, go faster, injure yourself less, and basically be a happier human being.

-k Your Medical Mind



  1. The man who got the idea on the Clapham omnibus was neither working nor playing. He was probably a bit vacant when “ping” a good idea popped up. He must have been relaxing after a good bit of play…

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