Pleasant Paleo Diet Dental Hygiene Visit – Data Or Anecdote?

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The Paleo diet appears to have improved FitOldDog’s dental hygiene, as he sure isn’t flossing any more than he did before.

Paleo diet gave me the best dental cleaning visit yet!

The Paleo Diet gave me the best dental cleaning visit yet. No pain! No bleeding! Happy healthy gums!

The world of Science is a stuffy place, whilst doing science was one of my first loves from a very early age. To me, ‘Science’ versus ‘science’ is like religion in contrast to spirituality. In fact, Science works hard to take all of the fun out of science (if you want to be funded!). If you make an observation on one person or animal or plant as a Scientist, your collegues will scoff and say, “That’s just anecdotal data.” It hasn’t been tested with the rigor of Statistics and the repeat experiment or observation. However, if the subject is you, you’ll find that you think of whatever you observe as data, not just an anecdote. What does this mean? It means you can’t trust what I am about to say as solid Scientific data.

OMG – it’s me, so it’s important!!”

FitOldDog's Paleo breakfast

Planned a 100-mile bike ride today, so I treated myself to a Paleo breakfast of pasture eggs, pasture butter, and a little Bok Choy sautéed with garlic and soy sauce, followed by a few Macadamia nuts straight from Australia (Thanks, Deb).

My visit to the dentist the other day generated an interesting result. Usually, upon examining my mouth and inducing some exquisite pain, the hygienist will say, “Your dental hygiene is pretty good, but your gums are bleeding a little here [as they poke here with a sharp instrument], and here [ouch!], so could you take a little more care in those areas. There is also some plaque and tartar here and here, so those regions might need a little more care on your part.”

This time she said, “Your gums look nice and pink, and there isn’t any tartar, just a little plaque.” Never heard that before, and when this nice lady poked around my mouth with those scary spikes, there was no bleeding or pain.

Hope you enjoyed my anecdote – no bleeding and no pain is solid data to me!

Way to go, Paleo, and thanks Mark Sisson!

-k @FitOldDog



  1. Man, that food porn is making me hungry!! I think I will go eat something in about 7 hours.

    So I have seen exactly the same result! Primal / Paleo = Improved Dental / Oral health. I need to get a quote from my hygienist (thanks for the reminder).

    The same applies to just IF but it is better still with IF + Primal / Paleo. When you restrict eating to small time window each day there is way less time available for the usual buildup to occur.

    I would even venture to say that with a clean primal diet + some IF that brushing could be reduced to just a few times a week with zero negative impact.

    When folks say that the benefits of IF and or Paleo are too many to list… this is one of those.

    Great post!

    – Nick

  2. Thanks for the comment, Nick, and thanks even more for encouraging me to read the Primal Blueprint.

  3. I checked the link (your name) to your new app site. Looking good.

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