Do You Prefer To Set An Example, Follow An Example, Or Just Be Yourself?

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“Fewer things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.” Mark Twain

Hi folks, welcome!

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I love cheese, and it’s so hard to choose.

Life presents us with an endless series of choices.

  • Do this, do that?
  • Think this, think that? (or you could say ‘believe this, believe that’ and forget the thinking part)
  • Feel this, feel that? (the most difficult, though I’m convinced it can be regulated consciously to some extent, maybe even a large extent, with a little introspection and behavior modification).

Have you decided to make good choices as a New Year’s resolution, and are you sticking to them, or are you a weekend warrior, or even worse, an armchair quarterback?

I love my Trigger Performance portable roller, which fits perfectly in my office.

I love my Trigger Performance portable roller, which fits perfectly in my office.

I’m off for a bike ride and a short run, combined with some roller work to get my myofascial juices flowing!

I use rollers to warm up, relax and lengthen tight muscles, and to convert my fascia (connective tissue) gently from the gel (more solid) to the liquid state.

What is your workout today, I wonder?

-k @FitOldDog



  1. Pauline Watson says

    Alas no more Florida runs on pine needle/shell paths and outdoor pool workouts! The next best thing is the indoor facility at the University of Toronto- 5.5 mile run with 6 repeats of 800m, weights (legs only), short swim (400m easy then 4x 100m), a few synchro moves (work on a subilarc). Plenty of variety and fun! I really need to get more cycling in though.

    • Hi Pauline! Sounds as though you are right on track. Want to be in The FitOldDog Club? It’s about people in our situation, with health challenges but getting back on with it, encouraging others down the same road. You’ll get a free fridge magnet, probably a tee shirt, and free access to all my products. Your fee: writing an inspiring story on my blog. Hope you are interested, because you are one of my heroes (sorry, heroines). Keep up the great work and say Hi to Bob. Kind Regards, Kevin

  2. Pauline Watson says

    Kevin, Yes, I would like to join your club, but would I have to be a ‘Fit Old B$%^’ instead of a FOD? It is true that I find more useful information from your blog than most other triathlon training advice, A few key differences are: (1) age, (2) the medical challenge – although I believe mine to be resolved, the whole journey took something out of me, and finally (3) the changed attitude towards life and training caused by major health challenges.
    I have been working on my story ( I started it on January 17, my 1 year anniversary), but transitioning from technical writing to something in any way inspiring is difficult. I recall the 3 types or creative writing from school: retell, reflect and relate. I have managed the retell part only so far, but will continue to work on it.
    Bob is still in Florida, biking and playing tennis, and will drive to Arizona for February. I came back home for my son’s birthday, and to check on things, but will fly back south soon. It is very hard to be active in our winters; it is too easy to make excuses for not exercising… Pauline

  3. No, if you can be an Ironman, you can be a FitOldDog, not a FitOld**%%^^ – I did wonder what to do about that. I’ll e-mail you the password, and if you could tell your story that would be great. I’ve ordered some fridge magnets, then I’ll work out how to make things happen. It’s about inspiring others. I recommend that book, Slow Fat Triathlete to anyone, it’s funny and perfect for those who just want to enjoy the sport. Cheers, Kevin

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