Reach Across The Generations To Stay Active Into Old Age

Nigel's drone

Here’s Nigel’s drone, which is remarkable. Boys love toys. It can land itself, when electrical fuel is low, in the same location from whence it took off!

FitOldDog reads to his grandson

Reading this Lego book to Nolan, reminded me of my favorite movie, The Princess Bride.

If you want to stay young and active into old age, stay in touch with the younger generation, and your inner child will thank you for it.

Great weekend in Asheville, NC, as I managed to visit with my youngest son, Nigel, a dentist, and his son Nolan (5 years old), a bundle of energy. You can see Nolan on the front cover of one of the books in the side bar of this blog, the boy with loads of blond hair, holding my hand. So, I got to forget about writing and training, and just became granddad. On Nigel’s instruction, I read Nolan his bedtime story, which turned out to be a book on Lego structures – the plot was a bit weak, but Nolan liked it.

During the story, Nolan asked me to stop for a minute, so I said, “You have to push the stop button.” I pointed to my imaginary start button (left clavicle) and my imaginary stop button (right clavicle), and he got it right away. It turned into a wonderful game.

FitOldDog's Zebra Fish

Harry and George. It may be Harriet and Georgina. If it’s Harry and Georgina, or Harriet and George, I may be in trouble. Photo by FitOldDog.

If he pushed the stop button, I stopped mid-sentence, then the go button would cause me to continue where I left off.

This fascinated Nolan, which fascinated me.

Stop playing and you stop living, my friends.

This whole process reminded me how important it is, as you age, to stay in touch with the younger generation, for as long as you can. It nurtures your inner child, believe it or not.

Earlier in the evening, my son Nigel, now in his early 40s, demonstrated the remarkable flight of his new drone. What an amazing machine, including a high resolution camera.

It seems that another feature of staying young is to continue to play with toys. In fact, play is one of the best ways to hone your living skills, so make sure you do.


I bought myself a fish tank, and now I have two Zebra Fish, Harry and George. Sure wish I could swim like them, and run like Nolan.

Life is good, if you make it so.

FitOldDog, Happy Grandfather.

PS There was a beautiful sunrise on the way home – here’s the picture. Another lovely day!

Sunrise on way home from Asheville 300


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