Reading Kids Books Can Be Enlightening: Erleichda


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I must admit that I continue to enjoy children’s/young adults’ fiction, as long as it is well written and the physics makes sense, as they keep me young at heart. Magical physics is fine, but non-magical physics that doesn’t obey the rules we know is generally based on ignorance and rapidly leaves me cold.

Great series! Lots of food for thought.

The best series I encountered recently was ‘Chez Ollie,’ to which I referred to in a previous blog in relation to the interesting discord it created between the ‘creationist right’ and the ‘secular left,’ though these are simplistic labels for complex and generally sincere groups of people. Since then I have wondered about my missing daemon, and concluded, finally, that she is a black bear. Playful but occasionally grumpy, big appetite for life, and generally fairly courageous under the right circumstances, such as risking the bees to get to the honey, but running away to fight another day if necessary. I would love to meet her.

The Mysterious Benedict Society was another good one, as were all 13 volumes of Lemony Snicket’s Chez Ollie. Then came the exciting ‘Eragon‘ – is he ever going to finish that series? This situation reminds me of ‘The Dark Tower series‘ by Stephen King, which is based in part on that old spaghetti western, ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.’ I can hear that desolate music now.

I read the first four volumes. Waited 20 (yes, twenty) years for Stephen King to finish it, which he did, after updating the first four volumes before adding the final three. So I had to read the first four again before proceeding to the final three, which was fine with me as it was really good reading. This is one of the only two writings by Stephen King that my delicate psyche can handle. The other was his book on writing, which is excellent in my opinion. The rest just give me nightmares.

How do people think of these things? Great read.


Now I’m reading the “Everlost” series, enjoying a fantasy land that just might explain many of the strange things that occur in this Universe of ours.


Happy Reading.

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