Rehabilitation Comes In Many Forms And We Each Need A Little Every Day


Hi folks,

sunset in Hawaii, FitOldDog, rehabilitation,

Sunset in Hawaii, taken by FitOldDog on his iPhone just after arriving from North Carolina.

At the end of the day we are each responsible for our own health and happiness, which is why it is so important to take a little time for yourself each day and each year. It is easy to stay on the treadmill and forget your emotional, spiritual, intellectual and even physical, recovery time. We just arrived in Hawaii to attend a friends wedding, and it sure is a wonderful location, even though you see the same ‘mainland’ problems of traffic, homelessness, and people struggling to make it. The ‘geological/botanical’ place underlying the frenetic human machine is still magical, somehow.

I am fortunate to be here, so I don’t want to miss it with rush, rush, rush, but I will complete my workouts (open water swims and runs, both pretty long), but in a more relaxed and less driven kind of way. This approach fits my philosophy of life, anyway, which to dance through life, following the Tao that I think of as the river of activity through time by the Biosphere, of which I am but a small and generally happy part.

Coming to Hawaii is one of those rare events that can rehabilitate the ‘soul,’ but the more important recovery work that I do is my daily, early morning, meditation with a cup of tea and the animal in my life, which right now is Scooter, while my partner and the kids sleep on for a while.

I’m one lucky FitOldDog, but these things happen through a combination of luck, effort and the choices we make, which also include an element of chance.

Kind regards from Hawaii!

-k @FitOldDog



  1. I’d like to go there some day.

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