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Hi folks,

There are many pieces of training gear out there, but I think that PowerCranks are worth a try. They do not come without risk, which is clearly also true of running shoes. I have overdone PowerCranks, causing a strain to my right psoas muscle. That is all fixed up now and is currently being strengthened using PowerCranks. You should take considerable care as you learn to use these great tools, but I am now convinced of their value for cycling and running. Here is a brief FitOldDog PowerCrank movie for your viewing pleasure. I had fun making it!

The real value of PowerCranks lies in their ability (1) to reveal weak muscles and then strengthen them, (2) to improve your spin quality on the bike, (3) to improve your run stride, especially the recovery component, and most importantly, (4) to improve the balance of strength between your right and left, leg and hip, muscle groups.

A final comment: you cannot necessarily trust the opinion of elite cyclists on the value of PowerCranks as they generally have such high quality spin mechanics that they just don’t see the value in them. These cyclists are already doing what PowerCranks are designed to achieve. If you have a high quality spin, engaging all the right muscle groups at all the right times, then PowerCranks would seem effortless and thus pointless. For the rest of us it is quite another story, but please use them judiciously, in the same way that you should approach weight lifting in the gym if you are a neophyte – very carefully and with some guidance!

-k @FitOldDog


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