Running Man, Predator-Prey Relationships, And Learning From The Great Runners


Hi folks,

I was looking out of the kitchen window early this morning, and there, just a few feet away, was a female white tailed deer with two fawns still covered in spots.

White tailed deer. Doe with two fawns. From:

Pity I didn’t have my camera ready! They looked just like the picture on the left. Whilst admiring these beautiful animals, my mind drifted to thoughts of how well they run, the fact that they look beautiful to me right now, but if I were really hungry I would be thinking ‘FOOD.’ Then on went my wandering thoughts to predator-prey models (such constructs represent some of the earliest mathematical models of biological systems), which I then linked to why I seem to be addicted to running. As my Mom would say, I am ‘like a bear with a sore bum’ if I can’t have my regular run. I don’t suffer the same feelings if I miss a bike ride or a swim, though I most certainly enjoy them.

There has been recent interest in the scientific press in running and the concept of persistence hunting by ‘primitive’ humans. Just check out the literature, or for more enjoyment watch this movie clip. Runners, take note of the guys running style, with upright stance, generally mid-foot landing, good heel kickback, and so-forth.

Here is another runner with a different prey, but the running style is not so different. Watch and learn, but develop a running style that works for you.

My number two son, Duncan, made a cool tee shirt from a Prefontaine image, which is available at Red Bubble.

Steve Prefontaine stencil by Duncan Morgan. From:

Sorry for the blatant advertising, but I really like my son and this stencil that he made. I’ll try to resist the temptation in future. That aside, Duncan is also a wonderful runner and cyclist.

If you want to know yourself, look to your history, which probably contains the reason that we can be addicted to running (for survival) as opposed to cycling. Which brings me to a final issue, ‘The Great Forgetting.’ What an interesting concept, and I must admit that I really enjoyed the thoughts engendered by the book from whence I learned of the idea,’The Story of B.’

Putting 'civilization' in perspective. From:

To quote from Wikipedia, “Quinn argues that our knowledge and worldview today would be greatly altered had the foundation thinkers of our culture known there was history beyond the beginning of civilization.” We focus on the last 20 or so thousand years, and forget the previous one or two million, when I am sure verbal storytelling was critical. This, I think, is why I enjoy blogging as much as running, and why I don’t feel right if I don’t get to write my daily story? I’m clearly addicted to running and blogging. OK! Got to ride!

Happy Trails!

-k Your Medical Mind


  1. I don’t think I want to watch the hunting video.

  2. Hi Marian,

    This movie gives insight into where we came from. Furthermore, these guys are hunting for survival, whilst we go to the food store and who knows how those animals are treated. I found the whole concept of persistence running to be a reasonable one. Your choice, of course. A lot of people in America hunt for ‘fun!’ That I find incomprehensible. If predators are absent, hunting is appropriate, as in the case of deer and Canada Geese all down the eastern seaboard.

    Happy Saturday.

    -k @FitOldDog

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