Running Safely, First Marathon, What’s To Consider?

I was recently asked for advice on approaching running safely, so I decided to provide some of my thoughts in this brief blog post.

FitOldDog's repetitive motion injury finger

Repetitive motion injury can get you, so choose a race with gentle rollers, for running safely.

When people ask me for advice on undertaking a run for the first time, or taking on their first marathon, I always say the same thing, (1) learn a low impact running style, such as Chi Running, (2) choose a race with gentle rollers to avoid repetitive motion injury, and (3) bring your weight down, if you need to, with a low carb (like Paleo, but not so strict) diet.

After that, I’ll go on, if they want to hear it, about finding a training plan, being consistent, getting plenty of sleep, finding a good coach if you can afford it.

Best defense against sports injuries is your mind.AND (IF they really want to hear) study the Biochemistry of energy metabolism to make sense of diet and the need for recovery. Understanding really helps in this regard.

What about people wanting to do their first marathon? Same advice, but a coach is highly advised.

OH YES! I tell them to remember that their first injury is just one little mistake away, so they should take their training seriously, but not take themselves seriously (no room for ego in running).

I also tell them to be patient and have fun.


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