Safer Exercise Approaches: Using Rollers Before And After Running Really Helps

Hi folks,

I’m slowly getting back into shape, after floundering around without a coach for several months. Floundering? Like the fish?

I really like this kit, so I couldn't resist using their picture (no, they aren't paying me to do this!). From:

Anyway, flounder or octopus, I was getting nowhere, which is surprising considering how long I have been training. Even coaches have to have coaches if they are still competing, so I certainly need one. Today I was finishing an important workout pair from my coach,¬†Chris, a few days late due to a mild flu over the weekend. This comprised a 50+mile ‘hold your heart rate steady for three hours’ bike ride one day, followed the next day by a steady 75-minute run with some technical pickups. Of course, after yesterdays ride my legs were a little stiff and sore, but I recalled my son, Nick, reminding me to roll tight muscles before and after the run. He said, “It really works Dad.”

So I did, and it did. You should give it a try.

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