Soft Feet Are Happy Feet

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‘Running With The Whole Body.’ Follow the exercises in this book with care and you will learn a great deal about effective running.

Whether you walk, run, bike, swim, ski, or whatever, happy feet are one key to a happy you.

The way to develop happy feet is to (a) build strong, active, responsive arches, (b) develop soft feet, as recommended by Jack Heggie in one of the best running books ever written, “Running With The Whole Body,” and (c) nurture your relationship with your toes.

It’s only too easy to forget your toes, until they turn into a single block of rigid sticks, and this rigidity spreads to the rest of your feet, up your legs, and into your brain.

Just do the work, and you’ll make barely an impression on the earth as you run, much like hobbits and elves in The Lord of the Rings.

-k @FitOldDog


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