Try Speedplay Pedals To Eliminate Knee Pain On The Bike


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Hi folks,

Sue likes horses and ponies

Sue, FitOldDog’s cycling partner, with one of the ponies we visit on a 32-mile loop out of Carrboro, NC, USA

I was out riding with Sue the other day, when she mentioned that she continues to have knee pain whilst riding the bike. This reminded me of the time, several years ago, when I moved over to SpeedPlay pedals in the hope of fixing my cycling knee pain, which was pretty severe in my left knee. I had surgery on both knees; the left one is the most ‘wonky.’ SpeedPlay pedals have lots of float (lateral play), allowing your feet to go where they want. If your leg alignment has issues, fixing your feet into one line of action on the bike may force things, especially things in your knees, to go where they would prefer not to. This places unnecessary stress on the less well-aligned regions. All that said, my cycling-induced knee pain disappeared once I migrated to SpeedPlay pedals.

I made a short video to demonstrate this issue, and here it is.

Remember to start with a good bike fit, which I have done by Victor, my bike guy. Furthermore, you might be able to get some reconditioned Speedplay pedals, or other cycling equipment, at a reasonable price from Chez Ollie. It’s all part of safe exercise for better health.

-k @FitOldDog



  1. It looks as if your feet could easily slip off those pedals.

  2. Nope, you have to twist them firmly and laterally to force them out of the binding. You’re essentially locked in. -kevin

  3. I obviously didn’t listen to the video properly. But do you have to use special shoes?

  4. I provided you with a photo of the shoes in a recent post, revealing the cleat, which should finally clarify the whole mystery for you! Hope so, anyway. -kevin

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