Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Stent Repaired And Back To Ironman Training

Stent Repaired

Back on the bike, with more than traffic to deal with!

Another Opportunity To Change The Way I Move,

To cope with aging and Ironman with stent!

Gave my first talk on that book a couple of days ago!

stent repair

eBook promotion talk, on Changing The Way You Move, To Cope With Aging (and stents!). Thanks for setting this up, Amanda – lesson? Time to convert the ebook into a paperback.

Abdominal aortic aneurysm stent graft repair was a success! Found out today! Thanks UNC Endovascular!

Following my left common iliac stent repair, at UNC CH, by a great endovascular team, I spoke to two surgeons about my Ironman training. I was shown the repair, and indications of possible trouble looming on the right side – hell, trouble is always looming. Annual CAT scan to keep an eye on it. The repair would appear to be more solid than before the kink/100% left common iliac clot. I’m lucky I didn’t lose my leg, and have to compete in hopathons!

The bike is the most risky part, stent-wise, they both agreed. Due to the dangers of excessive hip flexion pulling on my femoral and iliac arteries.

One surgeon suggested I use a recumbent bike. I think I can achieve the same end, minimal hip flexion, on my existing bike, by changing the way I ride. This will lead to greater wind resistance, so I had better be strong. I suspect that I’m in for lots of weight training to build those quads, while minimizing engagement of any muscles that might move the internal iliac artery around too much (gluts, hip rotators).

Plan for 2017, at age 74 (oldest in age group, so no chance of Kona), fix my run. I’ve signed up for the Charlotte Marathon, in November, 2017. Then to find the best, flat, Ironman course in 2018. Maybe Florida?

Ran one easy mile today, swam 1,000 yards. Time to develop my strategy and do it.

Wishing you happy trails.




  1. Alan Martins says

    You take it easy young man. Hooe all is well.

    • Hi Alan,
      I’m fine, thanks for asking. Gradually getting back into Ironman training. Will only do a marathon this year, in November, as a training race. I’ll sign up for a fairly flat course in 2018, as I’ll be in a new age group, which gives me a better chance of qualifying for Kona.
      Haven’t been blogging much, as I’m tied up formatting a book as a paperback (harder than ebooks, that’s for sure).
      I’m happy, and have blood flow back in my left leg, which is nice.
      Kindest regards,

  2. Alan Martins says

    Or hope all is well😎

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