Why Should You Support FitOldDog’s Fundraiser For The American Heart Association At The New York City Marathon?


Chez Ollie

Hi folks,

FitOldDog's logoYou can help me with my dream of meeting two other endurance athletes who are also dealing with aortic disease. These inspirational runners, Benjamin and Pauline, have demonstrated the courage needed to ‘have a life,’ in spite of our common health challenge.

Two years ago I was transformed, essentially overnight, from an Ironman triathlete into an aortic surgery patient, as the result of my self-diagnosed abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). I was scared to death following the surgery, so I started this blog in order to find people to talk to who could understand my fears and concerns.

Inspiring book by Benjamin Carey of Heartosaurus. From : http://goo.gl/lePdB

Highly recommended reading by FitOldDog.

Then I read ‘Barefoot in November,’ by Benjamin Carey, of Heartosaurus fame (famous in our small community, anyway), which both inspired and encouraged me. Subsequently, as a result of my blog, I was directed to the AAA Awareness Facebook Page, by one of its creators, Chez Ollie. Now I have many people to talk to, and talk, or e-talk we do. Then Benjamin managed to negotiate a bunch of slots at the New York City Marathon (you have to read his book to know why he chose this particular race), based on the development of a fundraiser for the American Heart Association, to further research to help others in our situation.

Now Benjamin, Pauline and I are finally going to meet in person in New York for the race this weekend. We each committed to raise $3,500. I’m am almost halfway there, but I need your help to carry me the rest of the way, and $10 or $20 at a time would be great. If you want to help us on our great journey of remaining athletes, whilst handling the scary business of aortic issues, click on this link, it’s that easy. Just use your credit card, and you’ll be listed on my wall of great supporters.

Team Heartosauras for the American Heart Association at the New York City Marathon 2012

Team Heartosauras for the American Heart Association at the New York City Marathon 2012

And thanks to all those who have already donated, as it is very much appreciated.

If you want to read my story it’s in the Aortic Surgery Recovery Guide, or order a copy of ‘Barefoot in November at this link, for an exciting and inspiring tale.

-k @FitOldDog




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